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Tuesday, August 14th, 2012
12:05 pm
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
I had the Essure procedure peformed yesterday at McMaster Hospital by Dr. Caroline Sibley (317 Main St. W, Hamilton. Tel. 905-540-8100).

 She is a fantastic doctor; very no-nonsense, to the point about everything, explains everything in detail and very easy to understand.  I would highly recommend her for this procedure or even as a regular gyno.  The only issue is she tends to overbook patients, so there is always a long wait.  Even with my Essure, I was scheduled for noon, but two patients were bumped ahead of me and my procedure didn't start until about 1:30pm!
For my initial consult with her, she didn't ask me at all why I wanted the procedure done, or if I was absolutely sure - nothing!  I was very pleased.  The only thing she wanted to make sure of was that I could handle the Essure procedure because of how uncomfortable it can be for some women.  I'm glad she did, because I found it very painful;  but she kept telling me throughout the procedure how great I was doing, and was very reassuring.

For those in Ontario, Essure is 100% covered by OHIP.  The only costs were for the Depo shot, and Misoprostol which is taken the night before and morning of the procedure; so the cost depends on an individual's health insurance. 
Wednesday, May 16th, 2012
5:01 pm
Doctor near Buffalo?
My boyfriend and I are hoping to move to Buffalo, NY in the next year or so, and I'd really like to stop being paranoid every time I have a period due. The nuvaring is great and hasn't failed me, but I get afraid anyway. I want to start saving up once I've moved to take care of the problem permanently. happilychildfree.com used to have a list of doctors, but I tried to go there today, and the website no longer exists?
Friday, May 25th, 2012
1:10 am
CF-friendly gyno in Minneapolis!
I'm 23 and childfree, and I've just scheduled to have a laparoscopic tubal ligation with Dr. Mary Mahoney at the Women's Health Specialists Clinic in the Riverside professional building in Minneapolis, MN.

The counsult was pretty quick and painless. She told me up-front she would do my tubal, but she did run through the "make sure you really want this" thing. Over-all, it was a lot less of a grilling than I expected to get.

Do be advised she is a very busy woman, and you might have the schedule a month or two out to get your consult. The clinic accepts most kinds of insurance.

My tubal is scheduled for July!

Hope this helps some of you lovely Midwest CF ladies.
Friday, April 6th, 2012
6:04 pm
Doctor Rec in North Central Ohio

I must recommend my new gynecologist in Northern-North Central Ohio. Dr. Amy Wilbur at James D. Kasten, M.D., Inc.  .

She was very understanding and did not bingo me at all beyond, "What if you meet the love.. yada yada" and "If you did change your mind?" and she wasn't condescending, she genuinely wanted know the answers.  She told me that she doesn't deny anyone who wants sterilization, but she just makes sure they really want it.

Her office is in Norwalk, Ohio, which an hour away each from Toledo and Cleveland and about an hour and a half north of Columbus.

Monday, September 12th, 2011
8:12 am
Two doctor recommendations, Chicago area
Hello All,
Just wanted to let you know about two wonderful doctors in the northern Chicago 'burbs.

Dr Elizabeth Oh (http://www.obgynelakeforest.com/) performed my Essure in less than 10 minutes, without a hint of a bingo. She is amazing, and actually listens to her patients.

Dr Justin Cohen (http://www.urology-consultants.com/), also of Lake Forest, performed my husband's vasectomy. He is a total professional with a lovely sense of humor.
Sunday, July 31st, 2011
7:00 pm
I'm looking for someone who will do tube sterilization in the Chicagoland / northern Illinois area. I AM willing to travel to Indiana / Michigan / lower Illinois to do this. I'm 21, so i'll need to find someone who won't give me a hassle.

Thank you. :)
Saturday, March 26th, 2011
12:01 am
Hi. I live near Tacoma, Washington. For various reasons I am seeking a hysterectomy, and have been asking for one for four years, and prior to that I had an IUD and have tried nearly everything except the various pills.

Does anyone know of a sympathetic/likely surgeon in the Western Washington area that would be willing to consider the surgery?
Monday, February 21st, 2011
12:20 am
Essure or other permanent forms in Illinois?
Hi, I'm a single (well, engaged) female about to turn 23 in a few weeks. I have never had children, or even been pregnant. I've known my entire life that I do not want to ever become pregnant. Usually I would say I do not want any children at all, but occasionally the idea of adopting one child sounds appealing, since I was a happy only child. My fiance has similar thoughts on pregnancy. He doesn't want me to get pregnant under any circumstances. I know that he can more easily get a vasectomy, but I just have this thought that I want this change to occur in my own body. I want to be in control of my reproductive organs. I have been taking hormonal birth control but would like to get off of it as the pills have been causing what I believe to be varicose veins and a lowered sex drive. (They have cleared my breakouts though!).

My question is, does anyone here have any experience with doctors who will perform any kind or permanent birth control procedure on a woman who has not had children, and who is still relatively young? I know that they'd prefer you've had children already or are older, and it just depresses me every day that doctors can't just trust the wants and needs of their patients. I'm really just looking for a doctor to even just talk this over with, and not immediately brush me off with the "you'll change your mind when you're older" garbage.

If anyone in Illinois can suggest a doctor that'd be great! Thanks.
Wednesday, January 26th, 2011
6:31 am
Paragard vs. Essure
Hi! I am a childfree woman of 40 and have had the Paragard IUD for about 9 months. For the most part, I haven't had any major issues with it, mostly longer, heavier periods. The thing is, I don't entirely trust it and still use other forms of bc in addition to it. I still worry about pregnancy but the thing is, this will last me 10 years plus at my age my fertility has probably declined. But then again, I like the idea of not having to worry about bc at all because with the Essure procedure, there is a test that shows you that your tubes are fully blocked. But the IUD can slip out of place without you being fully aware. Plus, I've read stories online about women getting pregnant with the IUD and the thought of that happening fills me with dread. Anyone here have a Paragard or the Essure procedure? What are your experiences? I welcome your feedback, thanks for taking the time to read this. 
Tuesday, November 30th, 2010
9:57 pm
So after having seen various pleas for help from younger CF women seeking sterilization, I decided to write my own little How-To guide based on my experiences & knowledge. Hopefully some of the folks here can benefit from it :) Feel free to circulate it if you know of anyone or anyplace that might find it useful.


x-posted somewhat

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Wednesday, June 9th, 2010
10:36 pm
Walgreens in Springfield, MO on Campbell and Battlefield for Plan B
I just had a wonderful experience with the Walgreens just off the corner of Battlefield and National in Springfield, Missouri. The Husband and I had a scare post-sex tonight, and I freaked for about three minutes before making calls. Planned Parenthood was closed, so I ended up calling up up Walgreens.

ME: "Do you carry Plan B?"
WALGREENS GUY: "Sure. Yeah."

And when I got there, there were no questions, no accusations, and no condemnations, just a really nice woman at the counter.

ME: [Probably slightly manic]: "I need Plan B."
WOMAN: "Okay."

So, if you're in need of Plan B, and you're in Springfield, it seems the staff at the Walgreens of Battlefield and Campbell are pretty damned cool. Thank fuck.

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Friday, December 11th, 2009
8:24 am
Sad news
I regret to inform you that soon, one of our favorite Austin area childfree resources will be discontinuing her availability. Dr. Michele Gilbert is stopping her practice on the 18th of December, 2009. But keep in mind, all of the doctors at the Renaissance Women's Group perform the Essure procedure, but Dr. Gilbert was our favorite because she never bingoed.
Friday, December 4th, 2009
12:40 am
Ok, some of you know me from CF_hardcore and childfree. I got the approval from my doctor today with no bingo-ing. :) I do not know if he is truly childfree friendly, but I proved I did my HW when talking about it today. I told him the methods I looked at and why I liked Essure the most. He simply said "ok!" without asking why I did not wish to have children. I almost fell out of the chair with shock (I was in there for my post-lap check up and was prepared to fight tooth and nail for it if need be). I misunderstood him the first time I brought it up. Anyways....Here is name and what not:

Dr. James Doran
Largo Diagnostic Clinic
(727) 584-7706

Largo, Fl

Let me know if you have more questions. :-)

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Thursday, November 19th, 2009
10:06 pm
Tampa Fl area?
Hello! I'm from Clearwater, FL. I'm looking for a doctor who will either do Essure or Adiana on a 26 CF woman. I love the GYN I am with now, but he won't do it on me. Anyone know of any CF friendly gynos? In Clearwater or Tampa? Thanks!!!!
Friday, November 20th, 2009
3:50 pm
Great doctor in SK
I'm single, 29, never married, never pregnant, and was just approved for tubal ligation by Dr. Matthew Schubert in Saskatoon. No trying to talk me out of it, no dumb comments about how I might regret it. Dr. Schubert actually listened to what I wanted and respected my right to control my own body. If anyone in the Canadian prairies is having trouble finding a doctor who's friendly toward childfree choices, I would definitely recommend Dr. Schubert, even if you have to come in from out of town.

I was referred to him by my GP when I had my IUD inserted two years ago. He was also great about that, if you're having trouble with getting an IUD.
Wednesday, November 4th, 2009
12:00 pm
Long Island, NY
Does anyone know of a gyno that will do an IUD (Mirena) on a 22yr old? My doctor ordered the device for me, and after 2 months, I finally got it after a huge hassle, only for her to turn around, refuse to do it and basically accuse me of lying to get it, meanwhile she offered it and then wrote the prescription for the company.

So needless to say, I need a new doctor who is more childfree-friendly and who is actually willing to listen to concerns I have.
Sunday, October 4th, 2009
12:08 pm
Michigan - submitted anonymously
First off there's Dr. Helen Ostro-Brown at the Family health Care Center in Royal Oak, MI. The practice is located at 2033 Crooks Rd. (between 12-Mile & 13-Mile) in Royal Oak, MI. The phone number is 248-543-2000 and the website is http://www.docpaul.com. I'm not sure if the other doctors--a husband-and-wife team--at the practice are also CF-friendly or not. Dr. Ostro-Brown is a family practitioner but she is CF-friendly and will give referrals to a gyno for sterilization. On my first visit to her I brought up the CF thing because it was one of my criteria for a doctor, and she was totally cool with it.

The gyno she referred me to is Dr. Andrea Eisenberg in Farmington Hills, MI. She is part of the practice Labes, Babaoff, Banooni, & Eisenberg (I think there are a couple more names now but it's hard to keep track of!). I do not know if the other doctors in the practice are CF-friendly. The nurse I had was Nancy and she's very nice as well--even for those of us who are wussy about pain!--and no questions or bingo from her either. Their address is 28555 Orchard Lake Rd., Ste 120 (in the Weight Watchers building, about a quarter of a mile south of 13-Mile), Farmington Hills, MI 48334. She offers both Essure and tubal ligation (they are right across the street from a surgery center as well). I went in for my consult and she asked me if I had any kids and I said no, and she said, "so you're not interested...?" and I said no, and that was it. They bill in-office Essure at $3600.
-Anonymous but vetted for veracity
Friday, October 2nd, 2009
11:52 pm
Recommendation in Springfield, MO
I saw on cf_hardcore that someone hadn't had good luck finding a doc in Missouri. I gave her this info, but I wanted to pass it along here as well.

Lisa Powell is 100% behind personal choice. At my very first appointment with her, she happily set me up with a sterilization appointment. Due to some financial issues, I ended up not getting sterilized, and I was terrified she'd think it was indecision. The same day I canceled my appointment, her head nurse called to tell me that Dr. Powell would happily sterilize me whenever I was financially able, and my cancellation would not be viewed as any sort of indecision.

I hope this helps!

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Tuesday, March 31st, 2009
5:45 pm
I'm 20 and I just got approved for sterilization. My doctor said as soon as I turn 21(in June) things are a go as far as he's concerned.

His name is Steven Godfrey. He works at Clinics of North Texas in Wichita Falls, TX. His office is very mom centered since he delivers babies but hes a good guy. The NP there is nice too but shes pretty set in her ways regarding sterilization and IUDs. Aside from that though, she is a nice lady.
Tuesday, January 27th, 2009
7:58 am
sucess! ESSURE on 23 yr old C-Fer
Hello friends,

I'd like to share with you the name of an excellent gyn in St. Claire Shores, MI

His name: Dr. Raphtis

Despite his conservative background (Practicing Catholic, yet pro-choice "because a politician doesn't belong in the way of a doctor and a patient"), he agreed to insert ESSURE in my fallopes. I am 23 yrs old, have been turned away twice already, am NOT married (and don't plan on it ever), and I've NEVER ever been preggo. Oh yeah, and I'm American.. and female! And I guess that's all the relevant demos...

So if you are interested, please read my detailed consultation, follow-up consultation, and insertion story that i've posted to a different community ---> here

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