lilin_unite (lilin_unite) wrote in cf_resources,

CF-friendly gyno in Minneapolis!

I'm 23 and childfree, and I've just scheduled to have a laparoscopic tubal ligation with Dr. Mary Mahoney at the Women's Health Specialists Clinic in the Riverside professional building in Minneapolis, MN.

The counsult was pretty quick and painless. She told me up-front she would do my tubal, but she did run through the "make sure you really want this" thing. Over-all, it was a lot less of a grilling than I expected to get.

Do be advised she is a very busy woman, and you might have the schedule a month or two out to get your consult. The clinic accepts most kinds of insurance.

My tubal is scheduled for July!

Hope this helps some of you lovely Midwest CF ladies.
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