Susan R. Kagan (nolawitch) wrote in cf_resources,
Susan R. Kagan

Michigan - submitted anonymously

First off there's Dr. Helen Ostro-Brown at the Family health Care Center in Royal Oak, MI. The practice is located at 2033 Crooks Rd. (between 12-Mile & 13-Mile) in Royal Oak, MI. The phone number is 248-543-2000 and the website is I'm not sure if the other doctors--a husband-and-wife team--at the practice are also CF-friendly or not. Dr. Ostro-Brown is a family practitioner but she is CF-friendly and will give referrals to a gyno for sterilization. On my first visit to her I brought up the CF thing because it was one of my criteria for a doctor, and she was totally cool with it.

The gyno she referred me to is Dr. Andrea Eisenberg in Farmington Hills, MI. She is part of the practice Labes, Babaoff, Banooni, & Eisenberg (I think there are a couple more names now but it's hard to keep track of!). I do not know if the other doctors in the practice are CF-friendly. The nurse I had was Nancy and she's very nice as well--even for those of us who are wussy about pain!--and no questions or bingo from her either. Their address is 28555 Orchard Lake Rd., Ste 120 (in the Weight Watchers building, about a quarter of a mile south of 13-Mile), Farmington Hills, MI 48334. She offers both Essure and tubal ligation (they are right across the street from a surgery center as well). I went in for my consult and she asked me if I had any kids and I said no, and she said, "so you're not interested...?" and I said no, and that was it. They bill in-office Essure at $3600.
-Anonymous but vetted for veracity
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