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Walgreens in Springfield, MO on Campbell and Battlefield for Plan B

I just had a wonderful experience with the Walgreens just off the corner of Battlefield and National in Springfield, Missouri. The Husband and I had a scare post-sex tonight, and I freaked for about three minutes before making calls. Planned Parenthood was closed, so I ended up calling up up Walgreens.

ME: "Do you carry Plan B?"
WALGREENS GUY: "Sure. Yeah."

And when I got there, there were no questions, no accusations, and no condemnations, just a really nice woman at the counter.

ME: [Probably slightly manic]: "I need Plan B."
WOMAN: "Okay."

So, if you're in need of Plan B, and you're in Springfield, it seems the staff at the Walgreens of Battlefield and Campbell are pretty damned cool. Thank fuck.
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