Rachel (atomiccake) wrote in cf_resources,

Essure or other permanent forms in Illinois?

Hi, I'm a single (well, engaged) female about to turn 23 in a few weeks. I have never had children, or even been pregnant. I've known my entire life that I do not want to ever become pregnant. Usually I would say I do not want any children at all, but occasionally the idea of adopting one child sounds appealing, since I was a happy only child. My fiance has similar thoughts on pregnancy. He doesn't want me to get pregnant under any circumstances. I know that he can more easily get a vasectomy, but I just have this thought that I want this change to occur in my own body. I want to be in control of my reproductive organs. I have been taking hormonal birth control but would like to get off of it as the pills have been causing what I believe to be varicose veins and a lowered sex drive. (They have cleared my breakouts though!).

My question is, does anyone here have any experience with doctors who will perform any kind or permanent birth control procedure on a woman who has not had children, and who is still relatively young? I know that they'd prefer you've had children already or are older, and it just depresses me every day that doctors can't just trust the wants and needs of their patients. I'm really just looking for a doctor to even just talk this over with, and not immediately brush me off with the "you'll change your mind when you're older" garbage.

If anyone in Illinois can suggest a doctor that'd be great! Thanks.
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