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cf_resources's Journal

Childfree Resources
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This is a place to share informaton on childfree-friendly gynecologists/urologists around the world. Looking to get sterilized, but are unmarried and/or unchilded? Ask if anyone has had a positive experience w/a doc in your area who can help you. Having a hard time finding a gyno to give you an IUD in your nulliparous state? Ask here. Have you had an awesome doc who performs Essure, and is willing to honor the wishes of a CFer? A urologist who didn't bingo you when you asked to be snipped? Please post about it! This community is meant to serve as a network for CF-ers who are sick of docs bingoing them to death, dismissing our wishes, and generally putting their own ideologies above their medical duties. However, for legal reasons, we request that if you have a NEGATIVE experience w/a particular doc, you not post specific names/other identifying info. about the practitioner here; please contact your state medical board and seek out a website dedicated to that kind of thing. We're looking to help the CF without getting sued in the process. For that reason, (and to avoid the inevitable spam/trolling crap that we don't need,) posts will be moderated. Thanks for your patience, your help, and your shared resources!

**Also, if you happen to see a user on another CF community posting about a positive experience he/she had w/a CF-friendly doc, please encourage them to post their doctors' info. here! The more, the merrier! Thanks!

Ammunition: This is a link to the Center for Disease Control's report on Surgical Sterilization that might help you better discuss your situation with your doctor. The pertinent sections begin on page 9.

Essure information is available from this link.

Another link to the American Family Physician report on sterilization regrets might be helpful.

A WebMD article is also available.

This Canadian study has a powerful paragraph after the numbered list in the Who section.

If you find any additional legitimate studies by peer-reviewed publications, please let us know to add them to the userinfo page. Thank you.